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Grad Resources is continually involved in new and exciting programs. Below is the latest information on our efforts to serve graduate and professional students.

NAGPS recently hosted its signature event: the 28th annual National Conference.
The University of Missouri was host this year from November 6th through 9th. At the conference, Nick Repak met Peter and Lazlo, who came from The Association of Hungarian PhD and DLA Students (DOSZ), the representing body of the students participating in the Hungarian doctoral education. On their return, they had a brief stop in Dallas where Nick was able to show them sites of Dealey Plaza and Southfork Ranch. They left with a Dallas Cowboys souvenir and warm wishes for a future partnership in serving graduate students globally.NAGPS 2014 Conference - Peter and Lazlo


Bringing Management Tools and Life Saving Resources to CERN

On October 3rd I had the opportunity to tour the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and was thoroughly impressed with the technology and the collaboration on the exploratory efforts at CERN. Dr. Usha Mallik, a professor at University of Iowa and head of the “Quality of Life Committee” provided refreshments for the researchers which set a comfortable atmosphere to discuss the topic of Balance, Managing Stress and Identifying Warning Signs of Severe Depression. We spoke of ways to promote the National Grad Crisis-Line and the students expressed great concern for their peers who they observed choosing unhealthy ways to cope, like alcohol abuse. One student acknowledged the personal pressures and stated that she would fear for her job if she had to ask for a day off to recover from stress. “There would be 3 others ready to take my position.” We provided helpful tools to cope.  Usha graciously reported to the Committee, “It was hard not to get infected by Nick’s care and enthusiasm.” I only wish we could do more to assist struggling grads who are unaware of the resources available.   -Nick Repak


BE REASONABLE – Evidence, Faith, Science and the Question of God

An advance degree is an exciting and challenging step to reach certain career goals but grad school can be overwhelming to some.  Grad Resources wants to provide “quality of life tools” to help you cope with life: managing time/balance, relationships and finances.  Sometimes it helps to gain perspective by reflecting on some of the deeper questions of life.  At the University of Nebraska, a Yale Fellow helped a couple hundred students wrestle with the faith and science question.


In an interview with the New York Times on February 9th, noted philosopher, Alvin Plantinga was quoted saying, “The so-called ‘problem of evil’ would presumably be the strongest (and maybe the only) evidence against theism.” Last month Dr. Eleonore Stump, philosopher from St Louis University, addressed the question for faculty and students at the University of Missouri.

A reporter attended from the online publication, Columbia Faith and Values, and wrote a summary of the Stump lecture. Read the story and consider attending the follow up lecture by Yale philosopher, Dr. Greg Ganssle, in April. Details of this University of Missouri presentation coming soon.

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