The National Grad Crisis Line


Richardson, TX — For 25 years, three million graduate students in the U.S. have found support, counseling, and crisis-care in the face of their unique demands of research, teaching and other challenges of pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. degree. Behind the Crisis-Line, which was launched by Grad Resources (, is the professionally trained voice of hope that is supplied by the call center at the Boys Town National Hotline. Counselors are trained through mental health manuals, seminars, and monitored instruction (along with regular evaluation). They and their trainers were also part of a day-long seminar presented by Nick Repak from Grad Resources

Grad Resources determined that one of the highest values of struggling students is seeking anonymous support that is separate from their university and department. The intense competition among peers makes it essential that callers feel safe, and that mental health issues are not discovered, labeling students as having a personal weakness that might limit their academic career.

In response to the numerous graduate student suicides on U.S. campuses, Grad Resources began the National Grad Crisis-line in 1999. The toll-free number (877-GRAD-HLP) has been available to stressed graduate students 24/7.

Nick Repak, founder of Grad Resources, stated, “We will always do what is best to serve the needs of graduate students by partnering with the most professional and effective organizations.” Boys Town has exemplified the insight, empathy and compassion necessary to coach young researchers through some of the most demanding hurdles of their advanced degree.
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Let’s make sure that graduate students have all the support needed to succeed. For some students, the path to completing a graduate degree can sometimes be more difficult than expected and the pressure of personal and academic responsibilities too much to handle. Help is available. The National Graduate Student Crisis Line (877-GRAD-HLP) is staffed by trained counselors at Boys Town who understand the pressures. There is also a free month of teletherapy available through Don’t wait until a crisis arrives to call the National Grad Crisis Line or connect with BetterHelp. They are available 24/7 to listen, connect and assist you today!

1.877.GRAD.HLP (1.877.472.3457)

July ushered in a new experience for those who struggle with stress, anxiety and feelings of despair. Beginning a grad program can spark new issues for young researchers wanting to make a contribution to their field. 988 (similar to 911) is the new universal number for mental health resources. Remember, while anyone can get help through 988, graduate students have access 24/7 to trained counselors who understand the unique challenges facing grads.

The National Grad Crisis Line helps graduate students reach free, confidential telephone counseling, crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and information and referral services provided by specially-trained call-takers. Caring, professional staff and well-trained volunteers answer around the clock.

All counselors have completed training to understand the unique issues faced by graduate students. In addition to listening to and empathizing with a caller’s concerns, counselors assess the caller’s lethality risk, counsel, and offer various local support services and mental health resources for follow-up.

Free Counseling Available Through BetterHelp

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In 1998, Jason Altom, a 27-year old doctoral student from Harvard took his own life after the stresses of graduate school were seemingly too much. In response to Jason Altom’s tragic story, Grad Resources set out to address the extreme points of despair many graduate students face, leading the organization to launch the National Grad Crisis Line in 1999 in addition to our online articles and services. Today, the Crisis Line receives hundreds of calls every month. Graduate student organizations promote the resource on campuses across the nation. Likewise, mental health offices and graduate student services continue to make their students aware of the Crisis Line to their student bodies.