Practical Help With Serious Issues

Grad Resources conducts a number of popular and informative seminars to meet the practical needs of graduate students. These workshops and lectures are designed to help students through specific issues essential to their academic, personal, and professional success.

Managing Your (Lack Of) Time

by: Nick Repak

It is no secret that time is a currency in graduate school and many students suffer from chronological poverty. How can someone balance the pressures of classes, being a TA, maintaining outside relationships, and still getting a decent amount of sleep each night? Nick Repak uncovers the essential elements to a prioritized life and staying within your time budget.


Keeping it Together: Maintaining a Balanced Life

by: Nick Repak

Ever feel like you never have time for the things that are most important to you? With graduate students facing so many academic and personal challenges, it may seem as if your academic successes or failures flood into the other areas of life. Nick Repak discusses the importance of prioritizing life, setting proper boundaries, and doing so without feeling guilty.


The Stress Cycle

The following video by Nick Repak offers advice on taking control of your degree plan and setting aside time in your life for rest and refreshment.