Financial Pressures

Graduate school comes with unique financial pressures, especially if you’re married and/or a parent. Becoming financially responsible can significantly help in achieving emotional balance.


By: Dr. Teresa Sullivan & Nick Repak

Graduate education is an investment that requires some financial sacrifice along the way. Even students with generous funding often find that some expenses are not covered, and that their general…more >>

Great Online Content

Finaid Student Budget Calculator
A basic budgeting tool that calculates the difference between your expenses and income, identifying when you are spending beyond your means. Tuition, books, grants, loans, work study: all are factored in. Financial Worksheet
This simple worksheet allows you to process and consider your cost of living and how to plan for it.

OneClass College Budget Calculator
This was made for college students who find budgeting to be daunting and who have allowed their finances and their stress to accompany one another.
This site is intended to encourage more women to pursue advanced degrees in computer science and engineering. It includes a list of sources of graduate financial aid available to women in computer science and engineering.
FastWeb helps students find and apply for financial aid. Grants and Funding
Are you seeking funding for research or training in a particular area? Now that GrantsNet has been retired, our staff has compiled a list of other places you can search for information on funding programs. Unfortunately, most of them require a subscription for access.