Finding Community

Many graduate students feel lonely and isolated. The community circles often designed for undergrads aren’t readily available for graduate students. However, some community options are still available. Find out where you can plug in on your campus today.


By: Dr. Natalie Lundsteen

Explore the importance of finding community among other scholars and how to do it.

Online Communities

GradShare is an online graduate student community administered by ProQuest, which “offers guidance on the full breadth of the graduate experience, such as dissertation topic selection, grants, financial aid, and work-life balance. Moreover, students can find and share advice on research, writing, publishing, job search, and other topics that help them become more effective in their work.”

An online community and support group for those trying to finish their Ph.Ds.

Professional Associations

National Association of Graduate and Professional Students
Graduate and professional students deserve recognition and support as a unique population within the university. NAGPS serves as the umbrella organization representing all the graduate and professional students in the country.