Schedule of Activities

Monday: Isolation Awareness Day

Break away from the isolation of your studies and meet other graduate students on your campus. Graduate student receptions will be held on campuses around the nation to beat back the grip of research-induced loneliness.

Tuesday: Save a Life Day

The stresses of graduate school are often overwhelming, leading some even to the point of despair. Fortunately, Grad Resources offers a free crisis help-line staffed with counselors who understand the struggles graduate students face. In honor of this, make a friend aware of this life-saving resource. All they have to do is call 1.800.GRAD.HLP for free, confidential assistance.

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Wednesday: Lunch With Your Advisor Day

How often do you actually talk to your faculty advisor about something other than your research? Wednesday is all about meeting with your advisor to get to know each other better. Who knows? Maybe he or she could be a mentor for you.

Thursday: Take Back Your Finances Day

Finances are a source of major stress for so many graduate students. Use today to take back control of your financial situation by writing a budget and assessing your goals. Get more suggestions by visiting

Friday: Balance Your Life Day

It’s easy to become so engulfed in our research that we forget to enjoy the other parts of our lives. Use this day to take an inventory of the things that are most important to you and commit to carving out more time for them.