Upcoming Speaker Events

August 24, 2022 – Noon

Dr Elaine Howard Eklund
Get ready to return to campus by attending.
Dr Eklund will reveal insights from extensive research at Rice University, speaking on What Atheist Scientists Believe. It addresses the types of concerns scholars have about faith and how it affects family and colleagues. Register to get a zoom link for the event.

September 2022

September Zoom event will give insights on including EQ Skills in Preparation for Entering a Grad Program. Nick Repak, Founder of Grad Resources and Cherilyn Leet – Director of 6Seconds.org, providing Coaches in Life Skills. Register for this zoom link and receive a free copy of the E-Book, Practicing EQ.


Past Speaker Events

The tragedy in Ukraine affects us all, even academics. Be aware that free counseling is available to students who struggle with their personal or global condition: betterhelp.com/gradresources/

These professors provide their special insights into our response to these troubling conditions:

Dr John Anderson, Economist at U Nebraska Lincoln, The Fragile Global Economy and Our Personal Finances

Dr Brent Nelsen, Political Science, Furman U, Global Options to the Ukraine Invasion


Personal growth is often ignored in light of the stress of academic competition. EQ Coaches are available through 6Seconds.org by emailing Info@GradResources.org. Here’s one sample:

Dr Matt Koschmann, CU Boulder, Interpersonal Communication in Post COVID Era