Graduate students in America will become influencers in academia, industry, government and nonprofits globally. However, as they consider starting a grad degree, or returning to their grad program this fall, they are facing intense pressures personally and professionally. They need your support now more than ever.

You can help send a message that they are pursuing a worthwhile calling and that you will help get them through their hurdles and challenges today.

Support the effort to broadcast to all 3 million graduate students that the Crisis-Line is available 24/7 with trained counselors who understand them. Help supply universities with orientation materials that speak of the free teletherapy services to all grads free for one month:

Let these future leaders know that you will provide tangible help with a financial gift today:

Their greatest future contribution in the sciences, arts and business programs require them to get through the stress and pressure of their research projects today. Please consider how you can make a significant difference in their lives by partnering with Grad Resources.