How You Can Get Involved

Our services have the potential to be life-changing for graduate students. The National Grad Crisis Line intervenes in the darkest hours of a student’s life. Our articles and references give practical advice for tackling the issues of graduate life while distance mentoring offers a one-on-one opportunity for students to receive practical and personal direction from others in their field. However, Grad Resources operates by building partners at each university to raise awareness of services. You can join our mission in several ways.

Become A donor

We are supported financially by private donors and corporate sponsors. Thanks to these individuals, we are able to make our services available without any cost to graduate students or their universities. We can’t express our appreciation enough for those who have donated over the years.  Click here to learn how to become a financial partner.

Become a Mentor

Our distance mentoring program is looking for volunteers to help other graduate students just like yourself.  Student contact us weekly asking for help navigating advisor relationships, help writing their dissertation or just needing a listening ear.  The program involves communicating with students via email or phone a few hours per month.

Tell Your Friends

Let your friends know about what we do. We can send you National Grad Crisis Line business cards and brochures about our programs to help get the word out. Who knows? You may end up saving someone’s life!  Let others know about us through Facebook or Twitter.  Jump on Facebook and “like” us to receive updates and articles on your newsfeed.

Contribute Your Thoughts

Do you have a passion for helping other graduate students succeed? Have you learned some things in your academic pursuits? We are constantly updating our website with new blog posts, long-form articles, and references to other helpful websites. Put your seasoned wisdom to use and we would love to showcase your ideas and suggestions to others!

Talk with Your Advisor or Graduate Program Dean

You can become an advocate for our services on your campus by talking with your faculty advisor or graduate program dean about the importance of supporting graduate students in their endeavors. We will even send you the talking points and any promotional materials you might need!